Adaptable Components

Examples Illustrating Capabilities

The below items are represented as adaptable components. Each has an associated interactive interface, implemented as a Java applet, for specifying corresponding adaptation parameters. By entering parameter values and selecting "Generate", an instance of the family of work products represented by that adaptable component will be generated and displayed to you (scroll the window if the display panel does not appear immediately).

A Java 1.3 compatible browser is required for use of these applets. Please see the Disclaimers below.


Please read the disclaimer concerning MTP software as it relates to use of these applets.

Despite its objectives, Java implementations differ across browsers and platforms, particularly in the bugs they contain. These applets have been found to work correctly on multiple implementations of Java 1.3. However, it is possible that some Java implementations may not execute these applets correctly. Please consider this risk before using this software. Should you discover any behavior or results that seem in error, please send a description of the problem and a description of your environment (identifying your browser and operating system by name and version) to us via email for possible future revisions to the software or applets for more consistent results.

JavaTM is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.