The Engineering and Manufacture of
Software-based Products


Grady H. Campbell, Jr.

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(17 March 2022) The content provided here is an evolving draft. Sections vary in the current quality of their content, annotated as follows:
- [2] content is substantial but incomplete and unrefined
- [3] content is topically complete but needs more work
- [4] content is logically complete but needs improvements for clarity
- [5] content is complete but may still be refined or changed for overall consistency and clarity
- (unmarked) content is complete and final for this draft

Changes occur continually as my focus shifts among topics. Recognizing its unfinished nature, the provided content is provided exclusively for personal use; any other use, in whole or in part, including reproduction with or without modifications, requires my explicit conditional consent by email.

Text bracketed between red "<----" and "---->" indicators is content that needs to be revised, moved, or deleted; red italicized text within braces is a note on a prospective addition or change.

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