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Papers and Reports

Abstraction-Based Environments (1988) { Software Architecture & Engineering, Inc. }

Abstraction-Based Reuse Repositories (1989) {AIAA Computers in Aerospace VII Conference, Oct 1989, pp. 368-373. }

(Affiliated Software Productivity Consortium publications)

  • Introduction to Synthesis, Jun 1990. (with S.R. Faulk, and D.M. Weiss)

  • Synthesis Program - A Risk Analysis, Aug 1990.

  • Synthesis Methodology Reference Model, Sep 1990.

  • Module Specifications as Program Family Generators, Software Cost Reduction Workshop, Sep 1993.

  • Reuse-driven Software Processes (RSP) Guidebook (SPC-92019-CMC), Nov 1993. (with multiple co-authors)

  • Reengineering to Increase Maintainability and Enable Reuse, 4th NSWC Systems Reengineering Workshop, Feb 1994.

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  • Domain Scoping in RSP, Proc. DoD Domain Scoping Workshop, Sep 1995.
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    A Unified Approach to the CMM and RCM for RSP Adopters (1997) { developed with the support of Thomson-CSF }

    Tailoring Reuse-Driven Processes In A Process Improvement Context (1997) { European Reuse Workshop, Nov 1997 }

    Domain Assessment for RSP Adopters (1997) { developed with the support of Thomson-CSF }

    Adaptable Components (1999) { Proc. 21st Intl. Conf. Soft. Eng., Association for Computing Machinery, 1999, pp. 685-6 }

    Neglected Aspects Of Product Family Development (Feb 2001)

    A Framework for Product Line Adoption (Mar 2002)

    (Affiliated CMU Software Engineering Institute publications)

  • A Software Product Line Vision for Defense Acquisition (CMU/SEI-2002-TN-002), Jun 2002.

  • Reconsidering the Role of Systems Engineering in DoD Software Problems, Jan 2004.

  • Software-intensive Systems Producibility: A Vision and Roadmap (v 0.1) (CMU/SEI-2007-TN-017), December 2007. {A preliminary agenda for a proposed OSD initiative targeting fundamental advances in SiS producibility}

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  • The Illusion of Certainty, Naval Postgraduate School, 7th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium, May 2010, 257-264. (includes presentation slides)

  • An Acquisition Perspective on Product Evaluation (CMU/SEI-2011-TN-007), Oct 2011. (with H. Levinson and R. Librizzi)

  • So Much Money for So Little Capability: The Reality of Sustaining DoD Software Systems, Software Solutions Symposium 2017, Mar 2017. (with D. Schneider and A. Schenker) (presentation slides)
  • Renewing the Product Line Vision (2008) { Proc. Software Product Line Conf 2008., pp. 109-116 }
    (Presentation slides, Sep 2008)

    Envisioning an Environment for Domain-specific Engineering (2009) { Code Generation 2009.} (presentation slides)

    Industrializing Software Production—Environments for the Domain-specific Engineering and Manufacture of Software (May 2013)

    Products as Product Lines (2013) { Proc. ICSE PLEASE Workshop, IEEE, 2013, pp. 37-40 }

    Competence-based Requirements Engineering (draft) (2014)

    A Mathematical Formulation of a Product Family (2016)

    (contributor) Heroux, A. M., Allen, G. Computational Science and Engineering Software Sustainability and Productivity (CSESSP) Challenges Workshop Report. Arlington, VA: Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program. (2016)

    (co-author) Kirby, Jr, J., J. McDermott, and G. Campbell. Commonality and Variability Analysis for Xenon Family of Separation Virtual Machine Monitors (CVAX) Washington, DC: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Center for High Assurance Computer Systems. (2017)

    Tutorials and Courses

    Adaptable Components (1999) { ICSR5, Tools USA 98, and ICSE99 }

    Domain-specific Engineering for Productivity and Quality (1996, 1999)

    Reuse-driven Process Improvement (2002) { Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) 1 and 2 }

    Other Presentations

    Domain-specific Engineering for Productivity and Quality (1998)

    Adaptable Components - for Flexible Reuse (2000)

    Emerging Software Business Models (2000) { IEEE Northern Virginia Chapter meeting, May 2000 }

    Domain-specific Engineering (2001)

    Process Improvement for Product Lines (2002) { DC SPIN meeting, Mar 2002 }

    Metrics for Managing a Software Product Line (2002) { Society for Software Quality, DC Area Chapter meeting, Jun 2002 }

    Process Improvement for Software Product Lines (2002) { International Conference on Software Process Improvement, Nov 2002 }


    The Role of Object-Oriented Techniques in a Product Line Approach (1998) { Object Technology and Product Lines Workshop, OOPSLA '98 }

    Genomics from a Mass-Customization Perspective (2003)